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Tobit 10b


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The text below comes from the second half of Tobit, Chapter 10 (with some omissions). The wedding is finally over... but Raguel is still reluctant to let Thobias and Sara go. Remember: one of the things that Sara and Thobias have in common is that they are the only children of their parents. Raguel and Edna are sad to let their only child go to the far-away city of Nineveh, just as Thobi and Anna were reluctant to let Thobias go away to Rages.

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Et, ut consummati sunt
quattuordecim dies
quos iuraverat Raguel
facere filiae suae,

quos: relative pronoun, agreeing with dies in gender and number

Raguel: Hebrew name (nominative)

facere: complementary infinitive with iuraverat

exiit ad illum Thobias
et dixit:
"Dimitte me.
Thobias: Hebrew name (nominative)
Scio enim
quia pater meus et mater mea
non credunt
se adhuc visuros me.

enim: postpositive

visuros (esse) : infinitive in indirect statement introduced by credunt (se is accusative subject)

Nunc itaque peto, pater,
ut dimittas me
et eam ad patrem meum;
dimittas...eam: subjunctives with ut
iam tibi indicavi
quomodo illum reliquerim."
reliquerim: subjunctive in indirect question introduced by indicavi
Et dixit Raguel Thobiae:
"Remane, fili,
remane penes me,

Raguel: Hebrew name (nominative)

Thobiae: Hebrew name (dative)

et ego nuntios mitto
ad Thobin, patrem tuum,
et indicabunt illi de te."
Thobin: Hebrew name (agrees with patrem)
Et dixit illi:
ut dimittas me hinc
ad patrem meum."
dimittas: subjunctive with ut
Et surgens
Raguel tradidit Thobiae
Saram, uxorem eius,
et dimidiam partem
substantiae suae,
pueros et puellas,
oves et boves,
asinos et camelos,
vestem et pecuniam et vasa.

Raguel: Hebrew name (agrees with surgens)

surgens...tradidit : participle plus verb (he arose... and gave)

Thobiae: Hebrew name (dative)

Et dimisit illos
et "vale" illi fecit
et dixit illi:
"Sanus sis, fili,
et vade sanus!
sis: subjunctive as imperative
Dominus caeli
bene dirigat vias vestras;
et videam ex vobis
antequam moriar."

dirigat: jussive subjunctive

videam: hortatory subjunctive (expressing a wish)

moriar: subjunctive with expression of time (antequam)

Et osculatus est
Saram, filiam suam.
Et Edna dixit Thobiae:
"Fili et frater dilecte,
te restituat Dominus caeli,
et videam filios tuos
et Sarae, filiae meae,
antequam moriar.”

Thobiae: Hebrew name (dative)

restituat: jussive subjunctive

videam: hortatory subjunctive (expressing a wish)

moriar: subjunctive with expression of time (antequam)

Et osculata est ambos
et dimisit illos


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