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Tobit 9b


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The text below comes from the second half of Tobit, Chapter 9 (with some omissions). You can see all the threads of the story coming together now, when Gabael comes to the house of Raguel to join in the wedding celebration of Thobias and Sara. It all fits! Of all the characters in the story, Gabael is the one who is developed in the least detail - yet we know that he is a good and trustworthy person, since he kept Tobit's money safe all those years.

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Et surrexit Gabael
et protulit folles
cum sigillis suis
et numeravit pecuniam
et composuit supra camelos.
Gabael: Hebrew name (nominative)
Et vigilaverunt simul
et venerunt ad nuptias
et intraverunt in ea,
quae Raguel,
et invenerunt Thobiam

quae: relative pronoun, agreeing with ea in gender and number (in ea quae Raguel = "at Raguel's house")

Raguel: Hebrew name (genitive)

Thobiam: Hebrew name (agrees with discumbentem)

Et exsiliit
et salutavit illum
et lacrimatus est
et benedixit eum
et dixit illi Gabael:
Gabael: Hebrew name (nominative)
"Benedictus Dominus,
qui dedit tibi pacem,
boni et optimi et iusti viri
et eleemosynas facientis
filius es.

qui: relative pronoun, agreeing with Dominus in gender and number

viri... facientis: these genitives go with filius (you are the son of...)

Det tibi benedictionem
Dominus caeli
et uxori tuae
et patri tuo
et matri tuae
et patri et matri uxoris tuae."
det: jussive subjunctive


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