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Tobit 9a


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The text below comes from the first half of Tobit, Chapter 9 (with some omissions). Raguel has decided for some serious celebrations to honor the wedding of his daughter, which means Thobias now has to figure out some way to carry out his original mission - which, remember, was to go to Gabael and recover the money that his father deposited there many years ago. You can see that even though Tobias does not know that Azarias is really an angel, he trusts the man absolutely, allowing him to go alone to recover the money that had been deposited with Gabael.

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Tunc accersivit Thobias
et dixit illi:

Thobias: Hebrew name (nominative)

Raphael: Hebrew name (accusative)

"Azaria frater,
adsume tecum hinc
servos quattuor
et camelos duos
Azaria: Hebrew name (agrees with frater)
et perveni in Rages
et vade ad Gabael
et da illi chirographum

Rages: Hebrew name (accusative)

Gabael: Hebrew name (accusative)

et recipe pecuniam
et adduc illum tecum
ad nuptias.
Scis enim
quoniam numerat dies
et, si tardavero diem unum,
contristabo eum valde.
Sed vides
quomodo Raguel iuraverit,
cuius iuramentum spernere
non possum."

Raguel: Hebrew name (nominative)

iuraverit: subjunctive in indirect question

cuius: relative pronoun, agreeing with Raguel in gender and number

Et abiit Raphael
et quattuor pueri
et duo cameli
in Rages Mediae,
et manserunt penes Gabael,

Raphael: Hebrew name (nominative)

Rages: Hebrew name (accusative)

et dedit illi Raphael
chirographum eius
Raphael: Hebrew name (nominative)
et indicavit illi
de Thobia, filio Thobis,
quoniam accepit uxorem
filiam Raguel

Thobia: Hebrew name (agrees with filio)

Thobis: Hebrew name (genitive)

Raguel: Hebrew name (genitive)

et quia rogat illum
ad nuptias.


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