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Tobit 7b


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The text below comes from the second half of Tobit, Chapter 7 (with some omissions). Back in Chapter 5, you saw how Raphael (Azarias) told Thobi, "Forti animo esto!" You are going to meet the same phrase again in this section, when Sara is asked to go to bed with her bridegroom... after seven men have already died that way. The people in the Book of Tobit face many desperate situations, and you could probably say that "Forti animo esto!" is the main motto for the whole story!

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Et, postquam laverunt
et se purificaverunt
et discubuerunt
ad cenandum,
dixit Thobias
ad Raphael:

Thobias: Hebrew name (nominative)

Raphael: Hebrew name (accusative)

"Azaria frater,
dic Raguel,
ut det mihi
Saram, sororem meam."

Azaria: Hebrew name (agrees with frater)

Raguel: Hebrew name (dative)

det: subjunctive with ut

Et audivit Raguel
hunc sermonem
et dixit puero:
Raguel: Hebrew name (nominative)
et bibe
et suaviter tibi sit
hac nocte.
sit: jussive subjunctive
Non est enim homo,
quem oporteat
accipere Saram, filiam meam,
nisi tu, frater.

non est: "there is not; there does not exist"
enim: postpositive

quem: relative pronoun, agreeing with homo in gender and number
oporteat: potential subjunctive
accipere: complementary infinitive with oporteat

et mihi non licet
eam dare alii viro
nisi tibi,
quia tu
proximus mihi es.

et mihi: adverbial use of et

dare: complementary infinitive with licet

Verum autem
tibi dicam, fili:
tradidi illam
viris septem,
fratribus nostris,
et omnes mortui sunt
cum intrabant ad eam.
autem: postpositive
Et nunc, fili,
et bibe,
et Dominus faciet
in vobis."
Et accersivit Raguel
Saram, filiam suam,
et accessit ad illum.
Raguel: Hebrew name (nominative)
Et, apprehensa manu illius,
tradidit eam illi
et dixit:
apprehensa manu: ablative absolute
et duc ad patrem tuum
Et Deus caeli
det vobis
bonum iter et pacem."
det: jussive subjunctive
Et vocavit Raguel
Ednam, uxorem suam,
et dixit illi:
Raguel: Hebrew name (nominative)
praepara cubiculum aliud
et introduc eam illuc."
Et abiens stravit,
sicut illi dixit,
abiens stravit: participle plus verb (she went and made the bed)
et introduxit eam illuc
et lacrimata est
causa illius
et extersit lacrimas
et dixit illi:
"Forti animo esto, filia.
Dominus caeli det tibi
gaudium pro taedio tuo.
det: jussive subjunctive
Forti animo esto!"
Et exiit.


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