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Tobit 7a


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The text below comes from the first half of Tobit, Chapter 7 (with some omissions). In this chapter, you will meet Raguel, a relative of Thobi, and his wife, Edna.

The Hebrew name "Edna" means the "Graceful One." Although Edna is not a famous Biblical name, in the extracanonical Book of Jubilees, Edna is the name of Abraham's mother (the name of his mother is not given in the canonical Hebrew Bible): "Terah took to himself a wife, and her name was Edna, the daughter of Abram, the daughter of his father's sister. And in the seventh year of this week she bare him a son, and he called his name Abram, by the name of the father of his mother; for he had died before his daughter had conceived a son."

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Et cum venisset
in Ecbatana,
dixit illi:
"Azaria frater,
duc me ad Raguel,
fratrem nostrum,
viam rectam."

venisset: subjunctive with cum

Azaria: Hebrew name (agrees with frater)

Raguel: Hebrew name (agrees with fratrem)

viam rectam: like English "straightaway, immediately"

Et duxit eum
ad domum Raguel,
et invenerunt illum
circa ostium atrii sui
et salutaverunt illum
Raguel: Hebrew name (genitive)
Et ille dixit eis:
"Bene valeatis, fratres,
salvi et sani."
valeatis: subjunctive as imperative
Et induxit eos
in domum suam,
et dixit
Ednae, uxori suae:
"Quam similis est
hic iuvenis
Thobi, fratri meo."
Et interrogavit illos
et dixit eis:
“Unde estis, fratres?"
Et dixerunt illi:
"Ex filiis Nephthali
nos sumus,
in Nineve."
Nephthali: Hebrew name (genitive)
Et dixit eis:
Thobin, fratrem nostrum?"
Thobin: Hebrew name (agrees with fratrem)
Et dixerunt ei:
"Novimus illum."
Et dixit eis:
"Fortis est?"
Et dixerunt illi:
"Fortis est
et vivit."
Et Thobias dixit:
"Pater meus est."
Thobias: Hebrew name (nominative)
Et exsilivit Raguel
et osculatus est illum,
et dixit:

Raguel: Hebrew name (nominative)

"Benedictio tibi sit, fili,
boni et optimi patris fili.
rediissent: jussive subjunctive
O infelicitas malorum,
quia excaecatus est
vir iustus
et faciens eleemosynas!"
Et incubuit, lacrimans,
super collum Thobiae,
filii fratris sui.
Et Edna, uxor eius,
lacrimata est super eum,
et Sara, filia eorum,
lacrimata est et ipsa.
et ipsa : adverbial use of et (she also)
Et occidit arietem ex ovibus
et suscepit illos libenter.


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