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Tobit 6a


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The text below comes from the first half of Tobit, Chapter 6 (with some omissions). This is my favorite part of the story: when Thobias and Azarias (Raphael) reach the Tigris river, something very exciting happens! As with the history, the geography of the Book of Tobit is a bit confused: since Nineveh was located to the east of the river Tigris, they would not actually have crossed this river on their way to Media - but no matter: they go on a journey, cross a river, and something happens which is crucial to the plot of the story.

Notice also that when they set out on their journey, Tobias and the angel are accompanied by a dog. This tiny detail was a favorite of European artists who often painted scenes of Tobias and the angel on their journey, as in this painting by Filippino Lippi, circa 1480:

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Et profectus est puer
et angelus cum illo;
et canis exiit cum illo
et secutus est eos.
Et abierunt ambo,
et comprehendit illos
prima nox;
et manserunt
super flumen Tigrin.
Tigrin: feminine accusative singular (Greek declensional ending)
Et descendit puer
lavare pedes
in flumen,
lavare: infinitive expressing purpose
et exsiliens
piscis de aqua,
volebat gluttire
pedem pueri.

exsiliens...volebat : participle plus verb (it leaped out... and wanted to...)

gluttire: complementary infinitive with volebat

Et exclamavit,  
et ait illi angelus:
et tene!"
Et comprehendit puer
et eduxit illum in terram.
Et dixit angelus illi:
"Exintera hunc piscem
et tolle
fel et cor et iecur illius
et repone ea tecum
et interanea proice.
Sunt enim
fel et cor et iecur eius
ad medicamentum
enim: postpositive
Et exinterans puer
piscem illum,
collegit fel, cor et iecur;
et piscem assavit
et manducavit.
exinterans...collegit : participle plus verb (he gutted... and gathered up...)
Et abierunt ambo pariter,
donec appropinquarent
ad Mediam.

appropinquarent: subjunctive with expression of time (donec)


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