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Tobit 4b


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The text below comes from the second half of Tobit, Chapter 4 (with some omissions). By now you are probably getting familiar with the word eleemosynam, which is one of the most repeated words in the Book of Tobit. As you can tell from the spelling - with a letter "y" - this is a word that comes to Latin from Greek. The English word "alms" is actually derived from this same Greek word. You can read about the Hebrew tradition of almsgiving, ẓedaḳah, at the Jewish Encyclopedia online.

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Et tu, fili,
dilige fratres tuos
et noli fastidire in corde tuo
a fratribus tuis
et a filiis et filiabus populi tui,
ut accipias uxorem ex illis.

fastidire: complementary infinitive with noli

accipias: subjunctive with ut

Attende tibi, fili,
in omnibus operibus tuis
et esto sapiens
in omnibus sermonibus tuis
et quod oderis
nemini feceris.

quod: relative pronoun without stated antecedent, (hoc) quod oderis

feceris: subjunctive as imperative

De pane tuo communica
et de vestimentis tuis
ex omnibus,
quaecumque tibi abundaverint,
fac eleemosynam,
et non invideat oculus tuus,
cum facis eleemosynam.
invideat: subjunctive as imperative
Memor esto
praeceptorum meorum,
et non deleantur de corde tuo.
deleantur: jussive subjunctive
Et nunc, fili,
indico tibi
commendasse me
decem talenta argenti
Gabael, filio Gabriae,
in Rages Mediae."

commendasse: infinitive in indirect statement introduced by indico (me is accusative subject)

Gabael: Hebrew name (agrees with filio)

Gabriae: Hebrew name (genitive)

Rages: Hebrew name (locative)


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