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Latin Gospel Passion Narratives: Matthew

The Passion narrative in the Gospel according to Matthew is found in Chapter 26, 27 and 28. At this site, you will also find the Passion narratives from the Gospel according to Mark, the Gospel according to Luke, and the Gospel according to John.

For each story, there is a brief audio sample which you can listen to by clicking on the small play button. You will hear a few seconds of audio that fades out. To get the complete audio for all the stories, visit! The total playing time for the spoken Latin audio version of the adventures of Jason and the Argonauts is 51 minutes.


1. Matthew, 26:1-13: The conspiracy against Jesus; Jesus anointed by Mary.

2. Matthew, 26:14-25: Judas betrays Jesus; the last supper.

3. Matthew, 26:26-35: The last supper, cont.

4. Matthew, 26:36-46: The prayer in the garden.

5. Matthew, 26:47-56: Jesus is arrested.

6. Matthew, 26:57-68: Jesus taken to Caiphas.

7. Matthew, 26:69-75: Peter denies Jesus.

8. Matthew, 27:1-10: Judas and the 30 pieces of silver.

9. Matthew, 27:11-19: Jesus before Pilate.

10. Matthew, 27:20-30: Barabbas is released and Jesus condemned.

11. Matthew, 27:31-44: Jesus is crucified.

12. Matthew, 27:45-54: The death of Jesus.

13. Matthew, 27:55-66: The entombment of Jesus.

14. Matthew, 28:1-10: Jesus and the women at the empty tomb.

15. Matthew, 28:11-20: Jesus appears to his disciples.

Blessing Christ, c. 1317 by Simone Martini (websource)

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