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Tobit 5a


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The text below comes from the first half of Tobit, Chapter 5 (with some omissions). Thobi's son, Thobias, raises some important questions in response to his father's command: how will he find his way to this distant city? how will he reclaim the money that his father deposited? I think you will be impressed by the token that Thobias will use to reclaim the money! Meanwhile, in order to find his way to Rages, he will need the help of a guide who knows the way - which is how the angel Raphael enters the story, although he keeps his identity as an angel secret.

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Tunc Thobias,
respondens Thobi, patri suo,

Thobias: Hebrew name (nominative)
Thobi: Hebrew name (agrees with patri)

respondens...dixit : participle plus verb (he answered... and said...)

quaecumque mihi praecepisti,
Quomodo autem
potero hanc pecuniam recipere
ab illo?

autem: postpositive

recipere: complementary infinitive with potero

Neque ille me novit,
neque ego novi illum.
Quod signum dabo illi,
ut me cognoscat
et credat
et det mihi hanc pecuniam?
cognoscat...credate...det: subjunctives with ut
Sed neque vias,
quae ad Mediam,
ut eam illuc."

quas: relative pronoun, agreeing with vias in gender and number

eam: subjunctive with ut

Tunc, respondens Thobi
Thobiae, filio suo,

Thobi: Hebrew name (nominative)
Thobiae: Hebrew name (agrees with filio)

respondens...dixit : participle plus verb (he answered... and said...)

"Chirographum dedit mihi,
et chirographum meum
dedi illi
et divisi in duas partes,
et unusquisque
unam accepimus,
et posui cum ipsa pecunia.
Et nunc, fili,
inquire tibi hominem fidelem,
qui eat tecum,
et dabimus illi mercedem,
donec venias. “

qui: relative pronoun, agreeing with hominem in gender and number

eat: potential subjunctive

venias: subjunctive with expression of time (donec)


Et exiit Thobias
quaerere hominem,
qui iret cum ipso in Mediam
et qui haberet notitiam viae.

Thobias: Hebrew name (nominative)

quaerere: infinitive to express purpose
qui: relative pronoun, agreeing with hominem in gender and number
iret...haberet: potential subjunctives

Et invenit Raphael angelum
stantem ante ipsum
et nesciebat
angelum Dei esse.

Raphael: Hebrew name (agrees with angelum)

esse: infinitive in indirect statement introduced by nesciebat (illum is accusative subject)

Et dixit illi:
"Unde es, iuvenis?"
Et dixit illi:
"Ex filiis Israel,
fratribus tuis,
et veni huc,
ut operer."

Israel: Hebrew name (genitive)

operer: subjunctive with ut

Et dixit illi Thobias:
"Nosti viam,
quae ducit in Mediam?"

Thobias: Hebrew name (nominative)

quae: relative pronoun, agreeing with viam in gender and number

Et ille dixit:
aliquotiens fui ibi
et habeo notitiam
et scio omnes vias
et aliquotiens ibam in Mediam
et manebam
penes Gabael, fratrem nostrum,
qui commoratur
in Rages Mediae.”

Gabael: Hebrew name (agrees with fratrem)

qui: relative pronoun, agreeing with Gabael in gender and number

Rages: Hebrew name (locative)


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